Meet the Blogger

The HER Behind the Hill


Hi. My name is Hadassah Deleveaux (née Hall). I could always give you the formal bio information about my degrees and journalism experience, but the reality is, this blog is not about me. It’s about the positive people of over the hill.

I simply need you to know that I am a product of over the hill and I have a passion for writing. I often tell people, “I would even write on my death bed.” I love feature stories, in particular. I love human interest stories. I love stories that tug at the heart, those that are thought provoking and more importantly, spark a change. I want to be a change agent.

So many times we are told to “Think outside the box.” Well, I choose to go a step further and create my own box. Why? Because as a writer, I believe I should use my skills to make a difference. I have the power, via this blog, to make steps in portraying the people of over the hill (the inner city) in a different light. Here, you will find no dead bodies, no blood, no gun cartridges in the road, no body bags, no hearses, no handcuffs…Here, the photographs are different….the stories are different.

I am a storyteller and feel compelled to share the stories of people over the hill – whether they live through Eneas Street, Rupert Dean Lane or on Wulff Road. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing so much negative news about those in the inner city. There is another side. Therefore, it is my mission to do what I can to shine the light on the positive people this community has, and continues to produce.

I hope you would return to this blog often and share it with others, as I portray ‘Over the Hill…The Other Side.’