Historic Grounds Come to Life

Photos: Office of the Prime Minister, Communications Unit

MY OVER THE HILL! Love it! The Southern Recreation Grounds, in historic Grants Town, has evolved into a beautiful space!

Expected to be completed at the end of this month (Next week people!), it includes new playground equipment, a new basketball court, volleyball facilities and green space. This is in addition to WiFi and CCTV cameras.

What a facelift to the grounds which decades ago, became the meeting place for throngs of people, hungry for change. They flocked there, intently listening to the fiery speeches and the rallying call for the movement of a people: Forward, Upward, Onward, Together.

My hope is that the least visitors to the space would do is show pride and keep it clean!

Hadassah Deleveaux (nee` Hall)

2 thoughts on “Historic Grounds Come to Life

  1. It sure is a beautiful and welcoming space. I pray that the users treat it that way. No litter. No old and abandoned cars. No defacing the brightly colored pathways and fixtures. Let’s keep it clean and pristine so that we all can enjoy it. This is our Southern Recreational Ground.


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