Community Centre Building Over the Hill



By Hadassah Deleveaux (née Hall)



As someone who blogs about over the hill, I’ve been watching this building on Market Street for months. I remember when it was initially being constructed. I even remember when the exterior walls were white, so I was absolutely delighted when I saw such an amazing artwork taking shape! I wonder who is the artist behind these murals. Superb job!



I understand that this will be the new headquarters of St. Barnabas’ Member of Parliament, Shenandoah Cartwright, which will also serve as a community centre. We definitely could use such vibrant, welcoming spots, particularly to help our young people.


When it’s up and running, I would love to feature this centre on my blog.




UPDATE: I’ve learned that this incredible art is the work of the talented Allan Pachino Wallace. Check him out on Facebook. He’s on another level!

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