My blog wins Social Media Award!


Owner of Serena Williams Media Public Relations, Serena Williams, presenting me with The Bahamas Press Club’s 2018 Social Media Award for this blog, ‘Over the Hill…The Other Side.’

Photo credit: Eric Rose

If I don’t give God the glory, the very rocks will cry out! Honour, glory and ALL of the praise goes to the ONE, TRUE, LIVING God for the talents He has embedded in me. Writing is intrinsically a part of who I am and truly, Saturday night past was a crowning moment for me and this blog that is just over four months old!

When I launched my blog at the end of June 2018, I did so with a pure heart and not seeking accolades. As someone who grew up over the hill (what the United States might consider the inner city), I recognized that many of the media stories about this historic area in The Bahamas, have been negative. Therefore, I made a conscious decision, in my own corner, to try change the narrative and tell positive stories about people who live over the hill or were born over the hill and have moved away, but are making positive contributions to society.

My mission has been to change the perspective of over the hill being an area mainly of  drugs, violence, poverty, brokenness, the uneducated…it is not the whole story. There is another side. There is…‘The Other Side.’

This Social Media Award from The Bahamas Press Club  is dedicated to the people over the hill. To a great extent, you have been ostracized, marginalized, lumped into one heap. However, I want to tap into that pool of positive people in this heritage community and shine the spotlight on YOU.




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