More than Neighbours


By Hadassah Deleveaux (née Hall)

In a fast-paced, technologically-advanced world, where the simple things are overlooked, I wish to highlight someone the average Bahamian may often take for granted – the neighbour.

Yes, the neighbour!

My mother is in her 70s and this particular over the hill neighbour of hers is in her 80s. I have known this woman since I was a toddler and I have seen her and my mother become very close, particularly in recent years. It is a joy to have listened to them have conversations from kitchen to kitchen over the years, sometimes literally at the fence, or even as they hang out clothes. I have watched them pass goodies over that fence too – just being neighbourly, like the good old days.

In 2016, that neighbour became severely ill to the point that she was seemingly near death’s door. She was low for a long time, but by a miracle of God – and God alone – today, she is back on her feet, cooking, washing, cleaning and praising the Lord!

Just the thought of her dying evokes sadness, as it would be such a void for my mother to not see her standing on the back porch waving or being able to converse with her. My mother would certainly feel that. The neighbour on the left, who lived there for several decades, moved a few years ago. It was a sad moment. This is how it is when one lives in a close-knit community, like over the hill. Neighbours still wave. They still send a piece of macaroni or a slice of baked bread. Neighbours still exchange pleasantries.

So today, why not take a moment and have a chat or do something special for the sometimes forgotten person – the neighbour.

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